Happy Letting Go!

Happy New Year! It’s especially sweet, letting go of 2020 and ushering in the new year. There’s a feeling of turning the page onto a blank slate. I love to draw, when you start on a blank piece of paper, ahhhhh it’s a feeling of limitless possibilities! Do you remember waking up as a child during summer vacation and having that wonder and excitement on what the day would bring. Maybe not, but do you remember a time when you did? Starting a new school year, moving somewhere new, new job. Take a moment and close your eyes, and entertain the idea, maybe you can capture that feeling for a few seconds. We seem to lose this freshness as we get older. And honestly if life is going pretty smooth, sometimes we cling to the way things are. Clinging, Holding, Gripping onto people, relationships, jobs- can be a cause of suffering. In the Yogic tradition this is called Aparigraha or (non attachment) Learning how not to cling to things, people, judgements of ourselves and others. I know I’m getting pretty deep here, hang with me, letting go of non- serving relationships, habits, thoughts can create space. Space is Freedom! Ok I know if you told your bank that your letting go of your car payment, you wouldn’t have a car. But just entertain the idea of letting something big go! At the new year we tend to pile on our already full to do list. To do- lose weight, more money, gym. What if instead we clear up some time and space. Yoga and meditation are practices that do just that. Bringing awareness to habitual thought patterns in the mind, and holding patterns of tension in the body that are not serving us can be released! Releasing= more peace of mind, less pain in body and more Freedom! Freedom feels like limitless possibilities! Yoga helps you discover things you didn’t even know you were holding onto. Whether it’s big or small- letting go can help bring more balance into your life. As Rumi simply writes, “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” We do have a choice, Yoga and meditation are amazing tools to help – Let Go🌈🌙

“The Pause”

As I’m writing this, my 5 year old is putting up an impressive fight against brushing his teeth and going to bed. My 17 year old has been playing “COD” ( Call of Duty, for those without a teenager or young adult) going on hour 3. In a moment I will get up and play the “Mom” card, “because I said so,” and wrangle these two to bed. You too might be experiencing the joys of being holed up with your family in quarantine ( or some version of it.) Where rules and routines seem to go out the window! My intention for this article is to point out the beauty and the power in the the “The Pause.” For many of us we are always moving and transitioning to our next obligation or activity. We are so used to being on the go, what happens when the go stops? Wait…… For…….It……..”The Pause!” I picture myself pushing the pause button on the remote, interrupting my Netflix or a great song in the car. This feels like an interruption of life itself. I watched a beautiful movie “Christopher Robin” the latest movie about Winnie the Pooh. As Pooh so simply and eloquently puts it in the movie, to a stressed out adult Christopher Robin. “There must be a nothing before a something can happen.” We can be so afraid of relaxing and enjoying ourselves, as if life itself hinges on are activities! The Nothing, can be a scary place, but it can be a beautiful opportunity for inspiration and gratitude to bubble up from within. To allow, let go, be curious and be present to the moment, where life truly lives. Looking at “The Pause,” through the yogic lens, the pause in thought, the pause in breath, can be an amazing opportunity to let go, and to actually plant new seeds. Instead of allowing emotions of fear, anxiety and anger to grow. Pause, Breathe, throw down some seeds of gratitude, love then cultivate and nourish them. Prevent the default button of the mind, to go elsewhere. It’s a tall order, I know, but planting these seeds and nourishing them could really change our reality- and that of our world. Change can be found in the power of “The Pause.” I’m pausing right now, feelings of gratitude- I’m here, the kids are safe and generally happy. Time to get up and wrangle them to bed!

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Equanimity on the Lake Bottom

Leisurely floating around on my paddle board. I’m sideways, belly down, legs submerged under cool water, dangling my arms, and contently gazing down at the lake bottom. I’m holding on to the last days of summer like it was my job! My back body is hot, soaking up the last days of Idaho sun before school starts, and the layering of clothes begin. The water is clear, maybe 5 or 6 feet deep, in my line of vision I see things. A waterlogged chunk of wood, sand, clumps of matted seaweed, beer cans and some assorted trash.  I find myself starting to create imaginary senerios where I catch the culprit in the act of throwing the trash in the lake. I imagine the things I would say, my anger starting to fester, I imagine even having them dive down and retrieve the garbage, then my mind starts to contemplate the amount of trash in the ocean and in no time I’m feeling stressed and helpless!!! It dawns on me I’m not as relaxed as I was when I first started out. As a Yoga teacher and meditator, I ask myself, can I gaze at the lake bottom with equanimity? In meditation we practice observing our thoughts without attachment, and sometimes we are able to forget we are the observer and just Be. I re-relax my back body, my face, take some mindful breaths and re-open my eyes. I’m feeling a little refreshed, rebooted. Now as I gaze down objects appear, minnows, branches and yes even trash! With this new awareness, I’m able to observe the objects simply as they are- perfectly imperfect objects. It’s not foolproof, my mind tries to butt in and be unruly, but again I relax and come home to breath, and let go. After a little while I notice how awake, aware and relaxed I am. Witnessing with whole presence is an amazing thing. Presence feels like being totally alive and relaxed at the same time, now if I could only master this when I’m driving!!!

Finding stillness amidst Chaos

I can hear the muffled ring of my phone from inside my purse, sitting on the passenger seat. The snow is almost blinding my view. Probley shouldn’t answer, slow down, red light. I wonder how my dad is doing, as I feel an actual pang in my heart, well at least he is home from the hospital. “Louie honey were almost home!” I say in my sweetest voice, as I look at his disgruntled teary face in the rear view mirror.                                                                      We are all so busy, so busy see usually put our health on the back burner. We also wear many hats, Mother, Father, Grandparent, Spouse, Partner, Teacher the list goes on and on. I am a yoga teacher not immune from life’s busy demands. Coming Home to your body, breath and awareness is available to Every Body. Living in a society that is always “on,” its so important to be able to push reset. This isn’t something elusive or just for “hippie types.”       Depression and anxiety were constant companions in my adult life. When I developed a steady honest yoga practice they were not so debilitating, Im not totally free of those feelings, but I have been able to put them in perspective and developed skills and techniques, such as meditation and breath work to help me keep them in perspective. Finding that stillness- free from suffering- that really is always there!                                                 Physically I’ve been able to do things Ive never thought possible. But of course that is not the point of yoga but it is an amazing perk! Even if your just looking to be stronger and more flexible, yoga will deliver, whatever your intention for practice. Yoga will meet you where your at big, small, young, old, flexibility of a log! Doesn’t matter! So dont let idealistic images of perfect poses detour you! Just showing up, being present and letting go is a simple concept with profound benefits. Yoga works holistically,so not only will you have long, strong lean muscles, you will positively effect your emotional and spiritual well- being. Prairie Moon Yoga is a community of supportive individuals on your journey.


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Kamber Naumann

Welcome to Prairie Moon Yoga!

My name is Kamber Naumann, I was first introduced to yoga 14 years ago. Yoga has helped me lead a happier and healthier life. Through the steady practice of yoga, I have experienced a level of vitality, clarity, and peace I didn’t think possible! I love to share what I have learned of this ancient path or yoga to others. I have been teaching yoga for 10 years now. I am always striving to educate myself through workshops, a multitude of classes, and retreats. I have a heart for beginners, inspiring my students, creating a comfortable, non- competitive environment for students to explore and build confidence while cultivating the benefits of a steady practice. Whatever place you may be within yogic practice I welcome all body types, ages, and abilities. Lastly, I am a proud North Idaho native, a lover of fitness and creative movement as well as my beautiful family and four children. I am beyond thankful and humbled by the teachers that have helped illuminate my path. I look forward with excitement for the future of Prairie Moon Yoga and hope to practice with you soon!

– Namaste,