Happy Letting Go!

Happy New Year! It’s especially sweet, letting go of 2020 and ushering in the new year. There’s a feeling of turning the page onto a blank slate. I love to draw, when you start on a blank piece of paper, ahhhhh it’s a feeling of limitless possibilities! Do you remember waking up as a child during summer vacation and having that wonder and excitement on what the day would bring. Maybe not, but do you remember a time when you did? Starting a new school year, moving somewhere new, new job. Take a moment and close your eyes, and entertain the idea, maybe you can capture that feeling for a few seconds. We seem to lose this freshness as we get older. And honestly if life is going pretty smooth, sometimes we cling to the way things are. Clinging, Holding, Gripping onto people, relationships, jobs- can be a cause of suffering. In the Yogic tradition this is called Aparigraha or (non attachment) Learning how not to cling to things, people, judgements of ourselves and others. I know I’m getting pretty deep here, hang with me, letting go of non- serving relationships, habits, thoughts can create space. Space is Freedom! Ok I know if you told your bank that your letting go of your car payment, you wouldn’t have a car. But just entertain the idea of letting something big go! At the new year we tend to pile on our already full to do list. To do- lose weight, more money, gym. What if instead we clear up some time and space. Yoga and meditation are practices that do just that. Bringing awareness to habitual thought patterns in the mind, and holding patterns of tension in the body that are not serving us can be released! Releasing= more peace of mind, less pain in body and more Freedom! Freedom feels like limitless possibilities! Yoga helps you discover things you didn’t even know you were holding onto. Whether it’s big or small- letting go can help bring more balance into your life. As Rumi simply writes, “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” We do have a choice, Yoga and meditation are amazing tools to help – Let Go🌈🌙

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