“The Pause”

As I’m writing this, my 5 year old is putting up an impressive fight against brushing his teeth and going to bed. My 17 year old has been playing “COD” ( Call of Duty, for those without a teenager or young adult) going on hour 3. In a moment I will get up and play the “Mom” card, “because I said so,” and wrangle these two to bed. You too might be experiencing the joys of being holed up with your family in quarantine ( or some version of it.) Where rules and routines seem to go out the window! My intention for this article is to point out the beauty and the power in the the “The Pause.” For many of us we are always moving and transitioning to our next obligation or activity. We are so used to being on the go, what happens when the go stops? Wait…… For…….It……..”The Pause!” I picture myself pushing the pause button on the remote, interrupting my Netflix or a great song in the car. This feels like an interruption of life itself. I watched a beautiful movie “Christopher Robin” the latest movie about Winnie the Pooh. As Pooh so simply and eloquently puts it in the movie, to a stressed out adult Christopher Robin. “There must be a nothing before a something can happen.” We can be so afraid of relaxing and enjoying ourselves, as if life itself hinges on are activities! The Nothing, can be a scary place, but it can be a beautiful opportunity for inspiration and gratitude to bubble up from within. To allow, let go, be curious and be present to the moment, where life truly lives. Looking at “The Pause,” through the yogic lens, the pause in thought, the pause in breath, can be an amazing opportunity to let go, and to actually plant new seeds. Instead of allowing emotions of fear, anxiety and anger to grow. Pause, Breathe, throw down some seeds of gratitude, love then cultivate and nourish them. Prevent the default button of the mind, to go elsewhere. It’s a tall order, I know, but planting these seeds and nourishing them could really change our reality- and that of our world. Change can be found in the power of “The Pause.” I’m pausing right now, feelings of gratitude- I’m here, the kids are safe and generally happy. Time to get up and wrangle them to bed!

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