Finding stillness amidst Chaos

I can hear the muffled ring of my phone from inside my purse, sitting on the passenger seat. The snow is almost blinding my view. Probley shouldn’t answer, slow down, red light. I wonder how my dad is doing, as I feel an actual pang in my heart, well at least he is home from the hospital. “Louie honey were almost home!” I say in my sweetest voice, as I look at his disgruntled teary face in the rear view mirror.                                                                      We are all so busy, so busy see usually put our health on the back burner. We also wear many hats, Mother, Father, Grandparent, Spouse, Partner, Teacher the list goes on and on. I am a yoga teacher not immune from life’s busy demands. Coming Home to your body, breath and awareness is available to Every Body. Living in a society that is always “on,” its so important to be able to push reset. This isn’t something elusive or just for “hippie types.”       Depression and anxiety were constant companions in my adult life. When I developed a steady honest yoga practice they were not so debilitating, Im not totally free of those feelings, but I have been able to put them in perspective and developed skills and techniques, such as meditation and breath work to help me keep them in perspective. Finding that stillness- free from suffering- that really is always there!                                                 Physically I’ve been able to do things Ive never thought possible. But of course that is not the point of yoga but it is an amazing perk! Even if your just looking to be stronger and more flexible, yoga will deliver, whatever your intention for practice. Yoga will meet you where your at big, small, young, old, flexibility of a log! Doesn’t matter! So dont let idealistic images of perfect poses detour you! Just showing up, being present and letting go is a simple concept with profound benefits. Yoga works holistically,so not only will you have long, strong lean muscles, you will positively effect your emotional and spiritual well- being. Prairie Moon Yoga is a community of supportive individuals on your journey.

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